Healing is the key to living our best life!


Life is all about cycles - of positive experiences AND the not so positive, and the greatest amount of growth occurs through challenges or lessons we are given. When we awaken to the realisation that we create our outer world through our thoughts and emotions, we begin to understand the importance of taking a more mindful approach to life. As we attract what we are on an energetic level, the more it becomes apparent that healing ourselves needs to be our top priority. Awaken and Transform is a Holistic Business providing Sessions and Workshops to attune you to become your own healer and to assist in the healing of others. We work with you to help to release what may be keeping you stuck and unable to move forward. We do this via Holistic Counselling and Energy Healing Sessions.


We also provide Workshops in Meditation & Spiritual Development aswell as Reiki Attunements and Seichim Attunements in both a group setting or One on One if preferred. 



Are you:

  • Feeling stuck and unsure of how to move forward?

  • Having a Spiritual Awakening?

  • Dealing with job or relationship stress and/or Anxiety?

  • Wanting to learn how to connect with your Spirit Guides, Angels & Intuition?

  • In need of healing and relaxation?

  • Feeling you are not living the life you know you deserve?

  • Feeling drawn to learning about Healing and Energy?

  • Wanting to learn to Meditate in order to relax and/or expand your awareness?

  • Experiencing Grief or Trauma?


Unsure what Session or Workshop is right for you?  CONTACT US


Sessions & Workshops to Relax, Heal & Activate













Holistic Counselling

This session gives you the space to open up and discuss what is challenging you. Using Holistic Counselling tools and techniques, you are able to find a clearer path to move forward in order to fulfill what it is you desire. Includes Guided Meditation and various modalities including Oracle Cards, Energy Healing etc. 

1.5 Hrs $180.00

Via Zoom/Skype/Messenger or In person

Crystal Healing Session

Relaxation through Energy Healing and the addition of crystals to heal, to relax, to transform. Includes Oracle Cards for additional guidance

1 Hour - $120.00

In person only

Healing Session

A healing session releases, relaxes, calms and uplifts and everyone experiences something different. Combining both Reiki & Seichim energies, it is a unique experience that heals on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Oracle Cards included.

In person only

1 Hour - $90.00

Distance Healing

A distance healing is perfect when you want a healing from the comfort of your own home. I will Message you 10mins prior to your appointment to ensure you are sitting or laying comfortably then will send you a combination of Reiki & Seichim followed by drawing some Oracle Cards. I will then text, email or message you to provide insight gained through your session.

30 Mins $50.00

Spiritual Development Workshops

Feeling drawn to all things mystical? Want to learn to Meditate and receive guidance from your Spirit Guides and Angels?You may have had experiences as a child that frightened you but are now feeling you would like to learn more about your true self. 

1 Day Workshop - $222.00

In person & Online Workshops (Contact us for Dates)

Manifesting Workshop

Want to bring into your life what it is you truly desire?

Manifesting is something we naturally do but there are a few key factors to ensure we are using our focus and intent in the most effective way in order to attract what we are wishing for.

4 Hours $99.00 

In person & Online Workshops (Contact us for Dates)

Reiki & Seichim Workshops

Reading to begin your healing journey? If you are feeling drawn to help others while also healing yourself and working with energy then checkout our Workshops. Held in Sydney, NSW, Australia we provide Attunements in both Reiki & Seichim Level 1 to Master Teacher.

Reiki & Seichim Workshops are in person only.

Starting from $300.00 Level 1

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My Mission

To initiate self awareness, healing and activate your inner guidance. As a Reiki and Seichim Master, I know the importance of maintaining our energy.


Our energetic frequency dictates the experiences we attract to us, so living in a high vibrational frequency is what we need to manifest our desires.

I truly love Teaching, Healing and Guiding others and I look forward to assisting you in unlocking what it is you need to access in order to live a life of joy and abundance, to utilise your innate abilities and to step out into the world and be who you truly wish to be.


Narelle Monteleone

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